Around the Table At Easter

Happy Easter Folks!


Finally a few days off from work for S. and an easier couple of days with the boys for the “caring team”, i.e. me and mum as also grandpa flew in from Finland and hence the number of people taking care of the dynamic duo went from two to four, hurrah!


And as an extra bonus, my brother and his fiancee have recently relocated to London from Munich and also they came over, double hurrah! On Good Friday we set the table for a little lunch.


The boys were loving all the attention and the “Shaun the Sheep” headpiece that Uncle M. brought around. Very appropriate for Easter, especially as we were having lamb.


Our Finnish-New-Zealandish-German-family explored a very British tradition: the Egg Hunt. The boys were napping and didn’t take part, but the rest of rest had some fun. Never take yourself too seriously.


Then the day turned into an evening and we sat down around the table again and had dinner shared some family stories and memories.



And later on that night an Easter miracle happened. A. slept through the night for the first time ever. Was it the new pillow? Was it the cooler air in the bedroom? Was it the teething gel? Was it the happiness and attention that he got during the day?

The next morning we had breakfast in good spirits, “Think how our lives will change now!”, “No more tiredness, he is finally sleeping well”, “Let’s celebrate with some chocolate eggs for breakfast!”. Of course the following night A was back to “normal”, waking up about 10 times a night.


So Easter didn’t bring a solution to A’s sleeping problem, but they were a great help in the kitchen.