Baby Essentials Part 1: Newborns

When I was around 6 months pregnant it hit me that we were having babies (the fact that I was the size of a whale was my first clue) and that we should probably start preparing for it somehow (as long I could still leave the house). What do you need to get for a baby? I was reading the John Lewis Baby Catalogue, all 68 pages full of products that you must have. “Can this really be true?” I asked the husband in horror. First time parents are a huge market as you can sell pretty much anything to well meaning parents-to-be, I mean who wouldn’t want the best for their child?

As we had to get two of everything I decided that we should (try to) see through all the nonsense and get just the essentials to get started. We could get more stuff later. So what is it that a newborn baby needs?

baby1  baby3 baby9baby5baby2baby4  baby7  baby10

1. John Lewis changing mat   2. John Lewis baby bath  3. Miffy lamp 4. John Lewis Baby hair brush 5. John Lewis blanket  6. Sophie La Girafe 7. Ikea Cot   8. Gap pants

Actually at the beginning it is pretty simple. The baby needs somewhere to sleep, something to eat, to be warm and clean. Oh and he has to be transported home from the hospital.

  1. Sleeping

A baby needs a cot to sleep in. The baby market suggests an additional sleeping solution for the first couple of weeks: a moses basket or a crib, but basically it is just a smaller version of the cot. Do you really need anything else apart from the cot? That is up to each parent to decide, but we decided that we didn’t. The boys started sleeping in their cot from the very beginning, first sharing one and then moving on to their own cots. Swaddling is a great way to calm the baby and make him feel safe and warm.


You also need to get a mattress, a mattress protector, a couple of fitted sheets and a cot bumper if you like. Cot bumpers are a funny business. Some sources claim that they are extremely dangerous and should never be used as the baby could potentially suffocate and the babies could overheat as the air can’t circle through the bed. Others say that it protects the baby from hitting its head or arms at the sides of of cot. My question is; if they really are so dangerous, why does every single retailer sell them? Anyhoo, we got all the cot related items from Ikea, a lot cheaper than other retailers and boys have been happy.


2. Eating

If you are breastfeeding you don’t need much gear, but a breast pump (I used this and was happy with it although with pumping you can’t help but feeling a bit like a farm animal) and a couple of bottles is good to have. And if and when you move on to formula, there is one miracle device that I really recommend. On our first visit to Baby Gap we bumped into a couple with twins and they told us to get this. We call it the “Milkpresso machine”. It basically makes preparing a bottle super quick and accurate. When your baby starts screaming for food, you know that in 30 seconds you will have a bottle ready that is just the right temperature (no microwaving or cooling down needed) and just the right consistency (right amount of milk and powder).

3. Keeping warm 

Newborn babies really don’t need a lot of clothes or let’s say different types of clothing. Our boys were born in the middle of summer and spent the first couple of months wearing a little bodysuit with short sleeves, that was it. If your baby is born in winter they can wear a bodysuit with long sleeves and leggings or thighs. If you have a baby girl, try to resist buying dresses until they are about 6 months old.

For sleeping they will wear a sleepsuit and a sleeping bag is great for calming the baby down and making sure that the baby doesn’t move or turn around when sleeping.


4. Cleaning

A changing table is great at the beginning as the baby doesn’t move around yet and if like me you have a sore back, with a changing table you don’t have to bend down which is great. And for bathing you need a little baby bath. Apart from getting your your baby clean and relaxed, an evening bathing routine helps with setting up with the routine in general and making the baby understand the difference between daytime and nighttime. Nighttime starts with bath, the changing into jammies, then evening bottle and then to bed. And nights are for sleeping, days are for playing.


5. Getting home 

The hospital folks will not let you leave if you don’t have a car seat (fair enough!). We chose the Maxi-Cosi Pebbles and the bases. The base is really great, it is attached to the seat of the car and you simply put the car seat with the baby in it on top of the base and it automatically slides in place and makes a little sound to let you know that the car seat is correctly installed and your baby is safe to travel. This saves you a lot of time and hassle as you don’t have to attach a seat belt around the car seat. The base is compatible with both the infant car seat (Pebble) as well as with the toddler car seat.


And last of all you need…



String Love

This post is not about my love for tiny underwear, but for the Swedish shelving system. The String shelving system was designed in 1949 but despite its 65 years age, it looks as modern and as fresh as ever. What is great about the String system is that it is modular and hence totally flexible. You can start with a smaller unit and add to it later, you can have shelves that hang on the wall or sit on the floor and you can add cabinets and drawer units as well.


(Ps loving the Artek chairs in the picture above, remind me of my childhood….)string2
And the String system is so fabulous (and the Swedes are such great marketeers) that their lifestyle images make other products super popular too! After this image was published suddenly the TON chairs and Merci paper bags were everywhere and the most stylish kitchens had square tiles….I wonder why? 😉


I was looking for shelving that wouldn’t be bulky as the London flats are notoriously small and can be quite dark (what Brits like to call “cosy”). On the other hand they have lovely period features which I think go really well with more modern looking furniture. Because the String system is so flexible you can fit it in almost any space.


Strange as it might in this era of digital content, we still have loads of books in our house. I love reading and I love my “offline” books and refuse to ever give them up. And now we have beautiful shelves to keep them all in!

Currently we have String shelves in two rooms (living room and TV room), but if we sometime in the future move to a bigger house we can stick all the parts together and make one big shelving unit in the living room. But you could also have them in the kitchen (something for the summer house?), in the bathroom (for the new bathroom?), in the children’s room (when boys are bigger and need desks?) Hmm…I think my husband would say at this point “Calm yourself woman!”…must not go String-crazy….;-)

Bugaboo 4 U?

When it comes to choosing a pushchair it can seem a daunting prospect, mainly because they are very expensive. Which brand to go for? Which model? Where to buy it? Online or in a store? Should you buy one second hand or get a brand new one? As with everything when having a baby, folks are going to tell you their opinion on what you should do. My motto? The one who pays, decides.


When I was 6 months pregnant and reading a pushchair brochure in a coffee shop, a guy with a 3 year old child said to me “Choose your pushchair wisely, we are onto our 8th!” Ok…decision no1: We would buy only one pushchair to cover all the needs and see us through the buggy-period in our life. Better to pay a bit more once than buying 8 strollers!


When we found out that we were having twins (and after getting over the initial shock) I felt very strongly that I wanted to have a pushchair where the babies would ride side by side, and not the “double-decker” one where (probably the easier baby) would always be stuck in the lower seat (this turned out to be very true). This preference narrowed down the possibilities significantly, Bugaboo was almost the only one who offered the side-by-side twin buggy, called the Donkey.


My colleagues at work told me to buy a second hand pushchair from e-Bay and when I checked out what was on offer I noticed that the Bugaboos had an excellent re-sale value. You could buy one new, use it for couple of years and sell it for 60% of the original price, great!

So suddenly it started to feel like there really was just one possibility and when I started looking around, they were everywhere, Donkeys, Buffalos and Chameleons! The Bugaboos had taken over our neighborhood.


And I must admit, if Bugaboo was the choice of Gwyneth Paltrow and Princess Madeleine, well it had to be mine as well. bugaboo5

The last decision was about the colour. My babies were arriving in July, so I wanted something light and went for “Off white”. The summer turned out to be long and very hot, so this colour was great. A black buggy would have been too hot for newborns. Of course there is another way at looking at the all important choice of colour. A friend’s husband offered great advice: “Think of the clothes you have and think which colour buggy would go with your wardrobe”. A Bugaboo is the ultimate fashion accessory!

And how has it been? Worth the investment? Every penny.


H&M Spring

I’m loving H&M’s new spring line for babies. It’s a bit “Petit Bateau” in style, but fraction of the price, happy days! I wonder if they have been seeing Lindex’ (who is by the way entering UK market, yay!) success with baby clothes and have decided to go after that market…? Whatever the reason, I think I have to grab some of these beauties for my boys…

hm1 hm2 hm3 hm4 hm5 hm6